MAINTENANCE SERVICES provide options for installed Servers, Storage and Network devices that require varying levels of support. Tri-Continental is able to advise IBM business partners and clients about these options to protect your installation with combinations of onsite and remote support to protect against outages and costly downtime.

In conjunction with IBM, we have processes in working with our clients to correctly identify the cause of failures and the necessary parts required for recovery. Tri-Continental is an authorised IBM AWSP for the region, the latter certification ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of IBM spares logistics to and in the markets.

There are various options to consider in dealing with frustrating hardware problems to get the right support. Please contact our Business Partners and Tri-Continental for advice on:
Standard warranty services:

· Enhanced and extended hours of cover
· Critical Recovery Services for your servers and storage running critical workloads
· Options for extended maintenance service decisions at time of technology acquisition
· Options to renew support cover at time of warranty exit
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