Welcome to the Cognitive Era !

FACT of FICTION ? Business as we know it is about to change drastically, the Cognitive Era is here.

Firstly it would be useful to challenge the
Top 3 Myths about Cognitive Business Operations.
Then, just what are the facts or fiction about this new Era ?
and lastly here are some ideas about the opportunity to become a champion with IBM Cognitive Business Operations.

Priming Business for the Cognitive Computing Era

In the cognitive computing era, data analytics has been cut from hours to milliseconds. Organizations have the ability to take action on data in real time. Machines are learning in the cognitive era. They’re learning how to help run businesses more efficiently.

None of this is possible without the right IT infrastructure. Today’s Servers and Storage Systems can understand, reason, and learn. Today, they can think. Traditional IT environments work, but to take the leap into the cognitive era, you need more.
  • Are you using advances in analytics, compute, mobile, digital, social, and IoT to drive business innovation ?
  • Are you ready to capitalize on this next great leap in business computing?

The core elements for this is through enhanced capabilities in:
  • Analytics Acceleration
  • Data Centric Design
  • Innovate with Open Technologies
  • Choice for Optimization
  • Lock Down while Opening Up
  • Controlled Iteration at Scale

When these capabilities are wrapped in the core principals of
1. Designing for Cognitive Business,
2. Building with Collaborative Innovation, and
3. Delivering through Cloud Platform,
business can start to map out a path where IT becomes innovative.

Over the next few days, watch this space as we share with you more details of these principles for building Cognitive Business Operations !

Your Cognitive Business Journey :

Cognitive Business means outthinking the boundaries of contemporary business. Cognitive business is here and it’s built with cloud computing. IBM is helping to lead this charge with their own cloud services, and with the push to social, mobile, digital, and IoT, cloud is becoming pervasive.

Businesses run on data, and having the ability to scale up and down depending on workload is essential for making the most out of your resources, when you need them.

Find out how top companies are putting their data to work with
scalable cloud solutions or discover how you can start your own Cognitive Business Journey