Many clients are looking for different and flexible payment options. There may be certain pressure on capital budgets and clients are looking for a solution from operational budgets.
There are various situations where there is a need to consider extension of payment terms, deferred payments of 90 days, 180 days, then to longer term leasing of up to 36 months.

Tri-Continental have entered into a partnership with various international Banks to assist in providing us with mutually beneficial solutions to address this challenge.
When a customer makes a promise to pay over time, a" Letter of Credit" or "Promissory Note" is the documentation that records this agreement. This structure is generally not ‘on balance sheet'
borrowing and does not require additional documentation. This solution is very simple without the need for leasing agreements.

We have agreement to consider and offer these financing solutions in selected countries and selected industries. A set of pre-qualified clients who have existing relationships with our Banking Partner will make the application process easier in most instances. Financial statements and 'know-your-customer' documentation will be required if the client does not have an existing relationship with our partners.

In the finance industry, the IT staff and Managers may not be aware of this type of Bank to Bank financial arrangement which are fairly common and the finance and commercial departments in our clients in Africa will be aware of this.
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