Environment Management System


We are committed to all levels and within all functions of the organisation to continual improvement of our environment. We recognise that this will only be achieved through regular monitoring of our environmental performance against objectives.

Management Focus

Our Environmental Policy commits the organisation at all levels to ensure that we:-

a. Identify risks of pollution arising from any of our activities, products and/or services, which shall, then be either eliminated or effectively controlled to meet or exceed all regulatory requirements relating to the environment.

b. Reduce to a minimum unnecessary use of materials, resources and energy. Reduce to a minimum the environmental effect on all future developments and carry out an appraisal of the environmental effect of sourcing of raw material.

c. Reduce waste to the lowest practicable level ensuring responsible disposal of waste created and received, undertaking environmental audits, measuring the results against established targets.

d. Advocate employee involvement in all environmental matters, providing suitable training and support to all employees with regard to this environmental policy.

e. Minimise any adverse environmental effects caused as a result of our activities, products and/or services using the most cost effective methods.

f. Ensure that any persons working for and on our behalf are made aware of and agree to comply with this policy.

g. Seek to ensure that products and/or services supplied or provided by third parties can be used, handled, stored and disposed of in a manner which safeguards the environment and the health and safety of all.

h. Undertake a review of this policy in the light of any new knowledge, changing legislation or public concerns

Environment Manual

(See attached file: TCL-EMS 14001 Manual.pdf)

ISO 14001
We are an ISO 14001 registered company as you can see from the logo

(See attached file: TRI - ISO14001 Certificate (2004) 2022.pdf)

Energy Management & Waste Recycling

Tri-Continental has our Evolved Energy Management as follows:

1. Set target to reduce power consumption by 1% Year-on-Year

2. Introduce Energy Awareness Training

3. Improvement in Energy Efficiency Key Indicators
- Set Monthly Monitoring and reporting of Energy Usage
- Trends Month on Month and Year on Year

4. When renewing office equipment:
- Replace Desktop PC’s with Laptops & program for Hibernation after 15 Min of inactivity.
- Replace office lighting with new low power fluorescent types
- Replace Air conditioner units with new energy efficient Inverter types.
- Review Timing Arrangements for Warehouse & Office Heating

5. Extensive use of Movement sensitive lights in Corridors, Kitchens & Toilets

6. We also implemented 3 electric car charging points as shown below.

7. Waste Recycling:

All waste material is disposed of by the outsourced Waste management company 'GRUNDON WASTE MANAGEMENT CO LTD' which manages all the recyclable waste. They are ISO14001 - Accredited - August 2010 website:
www.grundon.com and ensure that all waste is deposited in the appropriate supplied bins for proper correct recycling.

8. Replaced Gas central heating Boiler with new energy efficient Condensing Boiler

Environmental Statistics & Results
(See attached file: Electricity Monitor.xls)